Logic Of The Day: 25.09.2019.

Experiment, Experiment, and Experiment.
Now that you are in the process of reading and learning new things, it’s time to start implementing and experimenting with your new found knowledge.

Internet is a vast place and you may find a lot of things that may not be as effective as they used to be earlier. You may also come across some old-school techniques that have been discontinued and considered toxic today.

This means that you can’t count on everything you read or learn. Therefore, it’s your job to remain up to date in your field by implementing and experimenting with all the new stuff that you are learning, day in and day out.

Remember, experimenting is the key to success. Unless you test-drive something by yourself and achieve positive results, you shouldn’t count on it. Instead, experiment, experiment, and experiment some more, until you reach your desired results.

~ Soumya Roy (3 Basic Attributes You Need to Develop to Become A True Professional)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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