Logic Of The Day: 23.09.2019.

Build a Regular Habit of Reading and Listening.
Reading is the foremost attribute that you must develop to become successful. Check out the work that established professionals in your niche have already published. Reading content related to your profession imparts knowledge and helps in building a solid foundation.

Tons of relevant and quality content is available online for you to consume and learn from. Content on literally everything you need is just waiting in the cyberspace for you to discover and become a subject-matter expert.

Unless you build this powerful habit, your knowledge and efficiency as a professional will always remain limited to what you have experienced by yourself.

On the contrary, by reading content regularly you can master a lot of hands-on knowledge in a very small amount of time, a shortcut if you may, that most probably took the author many weeks to learn.

If by any chance you are not a good reader, you can try listening to podcasts and watching videos that will help you gain knowledge on several professional facets. The best part is that you can do all of these in your free time without it interfering with your work hours.

So, stop watching silly cat videos on YouTube and reading celebrity gossip online when you are free, buckle up and build the habit of regular and organized reading.

~ Soumya Roy (3 Basic Attributes You Need to Develop to Become A True Professional)

@ Logic Consult (The Career Growth Team)


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