Logic Of The Day: 20.09.2019

It’s Time To Do What Makes You Happy.
For over six years, life purpose and career coach Gracie Miller has helped people change jobs even if they weren’t sure they were ready for it. Miller finds that her clients do somewhat like their jobs, but feel like something is missing. They often find they don’t use a lot of their skills, are no longer interested in the work, and wish they could help people and find deeper fulfillment.

What these clients come to terms with is the realization that they wish they had found careers that paid for their bills and lit them up inside sooner. Miller discovers that it’s not always about wanting to change jobs for the sake of changing jobs. It’s the uncertainty that something better exists or that it does exist but you may not get it.

“It’s worth the risk to go for long-term happiness,” Miller said. “You have to act on the fact that deep down you know you could be more fulfilled.”

The trick, Miller said, is to do some self-discovery and research. Rather than look at the same terms in your current role, seek out fields of interest to find careers that might be a better fit. The happiness will ultimately go further than impacting your own sense of self.

“You will be happier for it, and your family, friends, and coworkers will be happier to be around you,” she said.

- Heather Taylor (7 Reasons to Change Jobs, Even if You Don’t Want To)

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