Logic Of The Day: 19.09.2019.

You may be secretly ‘gratitude shaming’ yourself.
According to career coach Lisa Lewis, “gratitude shaming” is when you beat yourself up about not appreciating what you already have. It also minimizes your deep-seated desire for more. You may have an internal monologue that begs you to be happy where you are and what you have, even at the cost of wanting more.

“When you weaponize gratitude against yourself, it sends your brain the message that your ambition, hunger for growth, and desire to contribute on a bigger scale isn’t valid,” Lewis told Business Insider.

Rather than gratitude shame, Lewis advises understanding which of your four categories of core workplace needs that are not being fulfilled. This includes asking yourself:

1. Does this role use my portfolio of strengths?
2. Does it align with my areas of interest?
3. Does the culture of the organization match my personality?
4. Does this role enable the lifestyle I want?

“When one of the four needs isn’t being met, it’s a great moment to explore what other jobs are out there,” Lewis said. “Your gut will tell you if you’re in a season where you’re craving a bigger challenge and change. Don’t ignore that feeling.”

~ Heather Taylor. (7 Reasons to Change Jobs, Even if You Don’t Want To

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