Logic Of The Day: 18.09.2019.

Don’t feel an urgent need for change? Look for a new job anyway.
Christian Eilers, a career expert at online resume builder Zety, believes the best time to change jobs is not when you feel an urgent need for a change.

Often when one feels pressured to find a new job, Eilers said, they will be more likely to accept mediocre offers and lower their requirements to get out of an existing position.

“Many candidates sleep through this moment,” Eilers said. “They stop advancing in their positions. Eventually, they find themselves in a place where they urgently need a new job.”

Rather than accept a role less than your worth, Eilers urges professionals to switch to roles that challenge them. This is, ultimately, an investment in your future.

“People who quickly learn new skills and gain experience from various places and situations are more easily adapted to the professions of the future,” Eilers said. “Settling down for a longer time without challenges and stimulation makes you stop learning and aiming for more.”

— Heather Taylor (7 Reasons to Change Jobs, Even if You Don’t Want To)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team)


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