Logic Of The Day: 17.09.2019.

You’re Coasting — And It’s Becoming A Problem.
When we find comfort in anything, be it a job, relationship, or academia, there tends to be a period of time where individuals use that moment to coast.

Avery Roth, a career change coach, has seen many working professionals find their comfort zone and stay in it. She said the longer professionals coast, the more they have to lose.

“Coasting keeps you playing small and avoiding the fulfillment of your potential,” Roth told Business Insider. “While that may not seem immediately threatening, there will come a time when comfort with your job turns into boredom.”

Roth warns that the longer you stay put, the more energy is required to spur you into action in pursuit of self-growth. Her advice is simple: Act now by changing careers to avoid pain later.

Damian Birkel, founder of job-searching organization Professionals in Transition, echoed Roth’s sentiments about coasting leading to boredom. He also noted that your coasting may not be going unnoticed. Birkel said your boss and coworkers may already know what is happening simply by observation.

- Heather Taylor (7 Reasons to Change Jobs, Even if You Don’t Want To)

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