Logic Of The Day: 16.09.2019.

7 Reasons to Change Jobs, Even if You Don’t Want To.
Statistics have long suggested that working professionals will have up to seven careers in their lifetime.
However, this claim should be taken with a grain of salt — there’s not much substantial research backing that figure, and it becomes less and less relevant in our current job-hopping work climate.

The reality, according to several career experts, is not to anticipate a lifetime of seven long-term careers. It’s to plan to change your job regularly every few years, even if you like what you do and feel comfortable.

Change is difficult, but the benefits pay off in ways you might never imagined possible, both professionally and personally.

Change is difficult, but switching jobs is necessary for both personal and professional growth. You may be coasting at your current job, or getting underpaid, which is preventing you from being more successful.

~ Heather Taylor (7 Reasons to Change Jobs, Even if You Don’t Want To)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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