Logic Of The Day: 13.09.2019.

You Should Interview Your Interviewers Harder.
Commonly, candidates are so scared of losing the offer or being looked at as needy or demanding that they don’t actually say what’s on their mind. This hurts their success on the job, even if they manage to obtain a great salary and offer, because they may agree to something that they did not fully understand or align with.

That’s why it’s your prerogative to be a strong communicator. Get the answers you truly need during interviews by asking the tough questions that are detailed and specific.

This is where you’ll be spending your next few years; you better be aggressive in how you vet it out!

Even if you ask all the right questions and hear all the right answers, you still may need to rely on your intuition, gut, and backdoor referencing by asking others to verify what the truth is.

Try to see beyond the “sell,” as of course everyone will be trying to secure you and win you over. Look for microaggressions, small gestures that betray their attitude and treatment of people, or red flags that indicate they’re not as supportive as marketed.

~ Dandan Zhu (Here Are 5 Things Hiring Managers Know That Job Seekers Don’t)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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