Logic Of The Day: 11.09.2019

You Can Negotiate And Leverage Other Offers To Great Effect.
Many candidates are so afraid of upsetting prospective employers that they feel bad for disclosing where else they’re interviewing at or how much money they actually want.

For many people in high-demand labor markets where the supply of jobs outstrip candidates available, the candidate actually holds a LOT more power than employers do.

Candidates should definitely negotiate and be transparent about exactly which other offers they’re juggling and when deadlines approach.

If handled appropriately, this will increase employers’ desire for you, not penalize you for “looking greedy” or “not interested.” It’s simply reflective of the competitive labor landscape in which firms must fight for top talent.

In today’s world, it’s all about the etiquette and manner in which you communicate. If you present an articulate, fact-of-the-matter case as to why your demands are as such, people respect you rather than dislike you.
After all, it’s a given right for a worker to demand their just wages.

~ Dandan Zhu (Here Are 5 Things Hiring Managers Know That Job Seekers Don’t)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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