Logic Of The Day: 10.09.2019

HR People Are Actually Not That Important In The Hiring Hierarchy.
As a headhunter, surprisingly, the HR person is the last person on my list of any importance. As a job-seeker, you should understand that the person who really controls the chessboard is the hiring manager or department head — the actual person in charge of the future hire.

The hiring manager dictates everything! Who to interview, what price to pay them, who to hire, and which headhunters to utilize. As long as the real boss, the hiring manager, likes you, you’re about 90 percent of the way to an offer letter.

No matter what role you’re in, you can find hiring managers on LinkedIn by experimenting with the search fields. You can type the company name in the filter and then type in “manager” or “director” of a certain role, like “java development.” If that doesn’t turn up anything, then delete the keyword. You can narrow the list by geographic range; similarly, you can find more relevant contacts by looking at the right-hand column called “People also viewed” and opening a new tab in your browser.

~ Dandan Zhu (I’m a Recruiter Who’s Placed Hundreds of Senior Professionals. Here Are 5 Things Hiring Managers Know That Job Seekers Don’t)

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