Logic Of The Day: 09.09.2019.

After All Basic Qualifications Have Been Met, Likability Trumps All.
What this means is that the B and C students have just as good a chance at making it in life than A+ students — and it’s not the most talented and technically-savvy engineer who eventually becomes the CTO; in fact, it’s usually the most politically admired and personally connected candidate that wins and progresses into the C-suite.

Of course, basic qualifications are important to even be considered a feasible candidate, but success is usually dictated more by one’s ability to influence, actively listen, and respond appropriately, their level of social etiquette, and their general level of acceptedness by their peers and superiors.

In order to be more likable, read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

In sales roles like mine, and certainly for any enterprising professional who wants to progress into senior leadership roles, learn how to ask open questions sincerely to drive conversations with anyone.

Be genuinely vested in others’ lives, sufferings, wins, and emotional state. By empathizing, remembering personal details, and creating conversation consistently, you’ll win over the hearts of anyone you endeavor to build a relationship with.

~ Dandan Zhu (I’m a Recruiter Who’s Placed Hundreds of Senior Professionals. Here Are 5 Things Hiring Managers Know That Job Seekers Don’t)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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