Logic Of The Day: 02.09.2019.

Take the Extra Step to Show Your Value to the Company.
Managers and HR staff know that it can be less risky – and a lot less costly — to promote from within. As internal staff, you likely have a good grasp of the authority structure and talent pool in the company, and know how to best navigate these networks in achieving both the company’s goals and your own.

The late Nobel-Prize winning economist, Gary Becker, coined the term “firm-specific,” which describes the unique skills required to excel in an individual organization. You, as a current employee, have likely tapped into these specific skills, while external hires may take a year or more to master their nuances.

Know that your experience within the company already provides value, then find ways to add even more value, using these tips:
1. Show Initiative.
2. Set Yourself Apart by Staying up on Everything There Is to Know About Your Company and Its Competitors.
3. Go to Every Company Meeting Prepared and Ready to Learn.

~ Vicky Oliver (How to Find New Growth Opportunities at Work)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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