Logic Of The Day: 30.08.2019.

Make a Point of Positioning Yourself as a Rising Star.
As an employee looking for growth opportunities within your current company, you have many avenues to position yourself as a rising star.

As an insider, you’re able to glean insights on company strategies and apply your expertise where it’s most needed. Scout out any skills gaps, then make a point to acquire and apply them. And, when you have creative ideas to offer, make it your mission to gain the ear of those in the organization who can put your ideas to the test.

Valiant shows of commitment and enterprise make managers perk up and take notice, keeping you ahead of both internal and external competitors.

Employ these other useful tips to let your rising star qualities shine:
1. Promote your successes to higher-ups.
2. Cultivate excellent listening skills.
3. Go to all office networking events.

~ Vicky Oliver (How To Find New Growth Opportunities At Work)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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