Logic Of The Day: 27.08.2019.

That’s Not The Route Anymore.
The year is 2001. You’re working for a large company in Chicago. You have a bachelor’s degree in finance and just finished your MBA.

You’re 28, a mid-level manager but working toward getting to the next level of seniority (always) so you can, in the next 20 years, reach a senior management position—ideally VP or even CFO. You’ll enjoy that top position for 10 years or so, then retire and move to Florida with your spouse and entertain the grandchildren when they come to visit. Your path for the next 40 years is clear.

Does this structured career path sound familiar?

For decades, career advancement and success has been correlated with a linear progression in one’s field. You earn a degree in the field you plan to work in. You start out with an entry-level position in that field. You work your way up the hierarchy, and after you get to the top, you retire; your work is done.

Well, it’s 2019, and that’s just not the route anymore......

You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s edition, good morning.

~ Connie Steele (Career Progression Isn’t Linear Anymore,And That’s a Good Thing)

@ Logic Consult.
“The Career Growth Team”


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