Logic Of The Day: 26.08.2019.

Know Your Limits.
Imagine your manager saying this to you: “Please make some time to meet with me this afternoon. I want to discuss a few things you can improve about your work”.

Does that scare you? Does it feel like being dragged to the principal’s office?

It’s only because we tend to perceive our limits as something bad instead of embracing them.

As such, try to be glad every time you have the opportunity to learn from your failures, and never hide them.

Or maybe your project manager sees you have some good abilities, such as analytical thinking, and they just want to help you develop these abilities by giving you better projects.

It’s all about putting things into perspective and keeping an open mind.

Most importantly, never undermine yourself.

~ Claire Cheung (10 Pieces of Advice No One Has Ever Told You for Those Just Starting Out Their Career)

@ Logic Consult
“The Career Growth Team”


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