Logic Of The Day: 23.08.2019

Nothing is the End of the World. Except for the End of the World.
Oftentimes those who are just starting their careers will choose a job that doesn’t suit them.

Not a job they hate, per se, just a job that seems boring, or where they can’t really do what they like.

It’s a sad but realistic truth but some of them will continue keep this job out of fear of not finding something better.

This is wrong.

One solution is to quit your job. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in a job that you dislike and where you see no progress in.

Another (maybe better) idea would be to keep an open mind: every job is an opportunity to learn something and only you can turn things around.

~Claire Cheung (10 Pieces of Advice No One Has Ever Told You for Those Just Starting Out Their Career)

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“The Career Growth Team”


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