Logic Of The Day: 02.08.2019

Common E-Mail Mistakes.
In an age of social media, where Snapchat and Instagram are all the rage, it can quickly appear as if the email is outdated and not really needed. But not so fast! What do the statistics say?

According to a Technalysis Research survey of 1,001 working US adults, email is still the most used means of communication in the workplace. According to the study, 75 percent of communications with co-workers take place via “old school” methods of communication such as email, phone, and text while 78 of workplace communications with outside contact takes please via email, phone, and text.

Email can make or break your career, and it is crucial to avoid making the following email mistakes:
1. Not Sending a Thank You Email After a Job Interview.
2. Failing to Send a Follow-Up Email After a Job Application.
3. Gossiping About a Superior or a Co-Worker in Your Email.
4. Bad E-mail Grammar.
5. Violating Company E-mail Rules.

Your organization most certainly has email rules — things you can and can’t do with the company email. It is important to familiarize yourself with these rules and avoid violating them.

~ Jane Eldrich { These 5 Email Mistakes Can Kill Your Career}

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