Logic Of The Day: 31.07.2019.

Build Your Confidence and Resilience.
When it comes to changing careers, many people are held back by limited self-belief. This isn’t helped by the fact that their peers will often try to persuade them to stay in their current job.

You need to be confident and resilient, because you’ll get a lot of push-back. Plus, prospective employers want someone who is going to roll with confidence rather than require a great deal of support.

So how can you build up your confidence?

First of all, you need to remove yourself from the people, environments, and activities that drain your battery. Then you have to stop comparing yourself to other people. This is one of the biggest drains, so coming off social media can be advisable.

Resilience is all about managing your emotions. It’s also about listening more carefully to the feedback you give yourself — because we’re all our worst critic — and very often the messages we give ourselves are completely untrue.

Capture them, look at them, and ask yourself: Is this message true? Where’s the evidence?

~ David Donghi (How to Go Through a Career Change and Never Look Back)

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