Logic Of The Day: 23.07.2019.

Have A One-Up Attitude And A Two-Up Ask.
This one challenges two pieces of conventional wisdom, the first being that success and opportunity comes from thinking and acting big on big things. Not always.

What if you went on the hunt for a series of things you could quickly make small but meaningful improvements upon? Got a new product launch process that’s clunky and outdated? Make a few smart changes to grab that “low-hanging-fruit” opportunity. In other words, look to one-up things that could use it (note I said one-up things, not people–that’s just annoying).

Now for the two-up ask. Being bold and asking for a lot from your boss in terms of opportunity is what complainers and prima-donnas do, right?

Nope. If you’ve got the game to back it up and know you’re in good stead with your boss, there’s nothing wrong with asking for assignments, resources, and support that are so aggressive it would require your boss’s boss to approve. If it’s well thought through and reasonable, why not ask?

It’s a mindset, not a roadmap, so don’t take it literally that it’s something the two-up boss would have to approve. It’s all about this question: “Have you asked for enough?” Some of the more astonishing achievements and career gains I’ve seen peers enjoy happened because they asked for things that others didn’t (including me)

~ Scott Mautz ( Want to Give Your Career a Jolt? Try These 4 Counterintuitive Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities )

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