Logic Of The Day: 22.07.2019.

Carve Out A Niche And Become A Guru.
Wait a minute. Doesn’t success and greater opportunity come from being a generalist, jack-of-all-trades that’s good at everything? Well, sure. So what’s your plan to quickly get good at everything?

But what if you chose an area to specialize in and became an absolute expert at it–so much so that people seek you out for your subject matter knowledge? It would be a point of differentiation among peers.

I did that in the corporate world, repeatedly volunteering to give inspirational leadership talks (outside of my normal responsibilities) and building my skill at it until I became a go-to choice for such talks within the company. Then I started getting asked to speak outside the company, then I left corporate and became a professional speaker.

Opportunity that wasn’t obvious at the time or handed to me, but created out of specific expertise I developed.

~ Scott Mautz (Want to Give Your Career a Jolt? Try These 4 Counterintuitive Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities)

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