Logic Of The Day: 17.07.2019.

I'll Be Happy When.
There are four simple words that are eroding your life, and stunting your career. Four simple words, seemingly meaningless when uttered, as if they didn’t have the power to stop time and kill dreams.

They are comfort coma-inducing as they insidiously invade your psyche and innocently usher you down the path of procrastination justification, all the while portraying you to your peers, direct managers, and corporate leaders as disappointed, unfulfilled, and malcontent.

Four simple words: “I’ll be happy when … ”

In even considering these words, you hand over your power and your happiness to forces outside of your control. You show those around you that you’d rather be anywhere but where you are, working with anyone but your current teammates, and working on any project than the one right in front of you, the one which might mean nothing to you, but certainly does to others. You might as well hang a sign around your neck that says, “Thank you, next.”

If your work isn’t helping you live the life you want to live, then you need to find yourself different work – work that contributes to what matters to you. It should reflect the values you wish to live or the lifestyle you’d like to afford. It should help you build your career. It should help you manifest your values. It should have a purpose for you.

~ Laura Gassner Otting ( 4 Words to Ban from Your Life – and Transform Your Career )

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