Logic Of The Day: 16.07.2019.

Why You Must Future Proof Your Career.
The future of work and employment projections stress the importance of continuous learning, upskilling, and reskilling in order to keep up with workplace reshaping and rapid transformation.

According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report: More than half the global labour force will need to start reskilling and reinventing how they earn a living in the next five years.

Technical skills aren’t the only skills predicted to be in high demand.

An article by Information Age points out that during the fourth industrial revolution: “soft skills are likely to become more important than ever” to help businesses navigate big change.

With this in mind, have you included any form of
skills development, upgrading, or learning in your annual career goals?  You should. Take charge of your own career path and future.

This year commit to:
1. Learning a new skill.
2. Taking on an extra work task.
3. Partaking in supportive professional development.
4. Keeping track of every career accomplishment.

~ Adrienne Tom (How to Future-Proof Your Career)

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