Logic Of The Day: 11.07.2019.

Do You Receive Gifts And Perks That You Are Expected To Be Grateful For?
What you tell yourself: “I get box Red Sox tickets every year. My manager really wants to keep me happy! I’m never leaving her!”

Newsflash: Someone had to take those tickets because the leadership probably wanted to spend time with their family; the company will not hesitate to let go of your position if they have to. Perks and gifts CAN be used for motivation, but they should not be confused with loyalty.

Manipulation: When someone gives us a gift, we take it as a personal sign of affection and appreciation. Keeping you emotionally attached to the company through perks and gifts is part of the loyalty game. You feel indebted to them, so you stay.

What to do: Notice when the company lets go of positions that felt as secure as yours. It’s a business, not a marriage.

~ Ina Conveney (5 Signs You’re Being Manipulated Into Staying At Your Job)

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