Logic Of The Day: 10.07.2019.

Your Annual Review Does Not Align With The Timing For Raises Or Bonuses.
What you tell yourself: “It can take a while for each boss to perform a review on all their employees, so I get it. But now that I want to leave, it would be smart to wait until I get my bonus, and then jump ship.”

Newsflash: Businesses need to hang on to their cash for as long as legally possible and still deduct it in their previous year taxes. Despite the legal/tax implications, there ARE companies that give bonuses in December, because it’s the right thing to do.

Manipulation: It can take months to actually land a good job once you start looking, so waiting for your bonus in the spring may turn into you reaching the end of the year and just deciding to wait until the next bonus comes around. It becomes a vicious cycle that keeps you from making a change.

What to do: Detach yourself from the need for that raise (by saving or negotiating an equivalent sign-in bonus), and prepare to leave when the best offer comes along.

~ Ina Conveney (5 Signs You’re Being Manipulated Into Staying At Your Job)

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