Logic Of The Day: 09.07.2019.

You Work Nights And Weekends Without Overtime.
What you tell yourself: “This is pretty standard in every company. They give me a laptop, and I really only work when I want to if I want to… even though in reality, I feel like I’m on call all the time.”

Newsflash: Salaried employees cannot get overtime, so they can’t “make you” work nights and weekends. However, with the advent of global technologies, you are given all the tools to work anytime from anywhere. This is not an accident.

Manipulation: The company is making you believe that working around the clock is what great team players do. You’re put in the position to never even think of asking for more money for working more hours. What kind of leader are you if you do? Probably not one that deserves to be promoted.

What to do: Set boundaries and expectations that make sense.

~ Ina Conveney (5 Signs You’re Being Manipulated Into Staying At Your Job)

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