Logic Of The Day: 08.07.2019.

Are You Fulfilling A Higher Level Of Responsibility Than Your Job Title Indicates?
In this guide, I’ll share signs that may explain why you feel stuck, and how you may not even know it’s being done to you on purpose.

What you tell yourself: “They really need me, and it’s not budget season yet. In the meantime, I’m going to do the best job I can so I can prove to them I can do it.”

Newsflash: They already know you can do the job (evidenced by them asking you to do it), so there is nothing to prove. This is not a promotion unless there is a title and pay-grade change.

Manipulation: The company is putting you in an undesirable position by playing off your need for validation, your gratefulness for a “good opportunity,” and your desire to be challenged in order to make you feel happy and content about this non-promotion.

What to do: Demand a title and salary that match your responsibilities.

~ Ina Conveney (5 Signs You’re Being Manipulated Into Staying At Your Job)

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