Logic Of The Day: 05.07.2019.

You Don’t Love Your Job Anymore.
There are many reasons why you might not love a job anymore. Doing piles after piles of the same tasks repetitively, regardless of your profession, can make anyone bored. Having no challenges that match your skill set can make you dread your job.
Finding no growth opportunities, whether it’s a stretch assignment, a side project or a training program, can make you feel unfulfilled. Seeing your role marginalized can make you feel depressed.

You might wake up every morning and feel that going to the office is so suffocating. Spending every minute at work might feel like it’s killing your precious life.

You might be aware of this terrible situation, but aren’t ready to give up yet. You might proactively try to find ways to love your job again. You might talk to your manager a few times, but then nothing changes over the next few months. You still aren’t being challenged. You aren’t utilizing your strengths. You still don’t find joy in daily tasks. You see zero to minimal impact from your work. You aren’t growing.

It’s true that you own your career, but if the company you work for doesn’t show any interest in supporting your development, then you may be better off finding one that does.

~ Amy Nguyen (Four Signs That it Might be Time to Quit Your Job)

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