Logic Of The Day: 04.07.2019.

You Are Not Your Job.
Take a moment and think back to the last time you met someone new. What were the first things you learned about them? Their name, where they’re from, and most likely, what they do for a living.

In today’s intense work culture — where burnout has become the rule rather than the exception — it can be easy to equate your job with your identity.

Differentiating between your “work self” and “personal self” isn’t an easy path to navigate. Having two separate identities can become confusing and frustrating to manage. On the other hand, bringing your full self to work comes with a caveat: When your identity is wrapped up in your profession, what happens when your job begins to determine your self-worth?

Here are some expert-backed tips for putting who you are before what you do:
1. Check in with yourself.
2. Cultivate interests outside of work.
3. Declare a "tech time out" outside of work hours.
4. Celebrate your non-professional successes.

~ Chloe Noor Khosrowshahi ( Why It’s Essential to Separate Your Self-Worth From Your Work)

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