Logic Of The Day: 01.07.2019.

Treat Your Job Interview Like A Date.
Sometimes a job interview is little more than a formality; you’ll be subjected to perfunctory questions meant to vaguely survey your emotional state and knack for punctuality, but little will be accomplished beyond this.

When done correctly, an interview is a learning opportunity shared between employee and employer.  The employer’s gain is the one most often referenced, that is to determine if a candidate’s particular assets will be of use to their firm’s objectives.

But there’s something to be gained for the employee as well. Instead of submitting to a pass or fail mindset when entering an interview, consider appraising it more like a date. Some would-be suitors are resolute failures, but more often than not, you meet perfectly fine people that you simply aren’t compatible with.

Jobs offers are no different. It’s a disservice to both yourself and your qualifications to view things any differently. Professional chemistry should matter just as much to you as the employer that’s appraising you.

~ CW Headley (3 Reasons Why You Should Treat a Job Interview Like a Date)

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