Logic Of The Day: 28.06.2019.

“No One Else Will Hire Me”
If this is the kind of thinking you’re bringing with you into that interview room, no wonder you’re not getting results.

When you approach your job search from a place of desperation, you become your own worst enemy. Instead of focusing on all the reasons an employer would be lucky to have you, you deplete yourself by thinking about how you don’t measure up as a candidate.

And if that’s what you think about your suitability as a candidate, how can you possibly expect someone else to want to hire you?

Change this thought for: “I’m a strong candidate, with important and relevant experience. Nobody’s doing me any favors. I will talk myself up on my résumé and in all my interviews as if to advocate on behalf of my very best friend.”

~ Rui Betencourt (6 Thoughts Keeping You Tied to a Job You Hate And 6 New Thoughts to Replace Them)

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