Logic Of The Day: 26.06.2019.

This job is wrong for me.
Are you sure? At one point in time, you were interested enough in this job to apply for it. You clearly did well in the interviews because you came out on top.

What changed? Not the job, probably. You changed. You realized this isn’t the position for you after all, or you finally understood you’ve been in the wrong industry all this time.

Focusing on this specific job and the reasons it isn’t right for you is distracting you from figuring out what you really want and what you need to do to fix this problem.

Change this thought for: “At one point, this job was what I needed, but it isn’t anymore. I recognize this isn’t where I want to be now, and I choose to move on.”

~ Rui Betencourt (6 Thoughts Keeping You Tied to a Job You Hate And 6 New Thoughts to Replace Them)

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