Logic Of The Day: 25.06.2019.

Why Your Thinking Is Crucial.
According to survival psychologist Dr. John Leach, the will to survive (in other words, what you think) is crucial to making your way out of a perilous situation. Not accepting defeat in a hazardous circumstance changes your psychology, which changes your actions and, therefore, your outcomes.

But getting up every day and going to work at a job that depletes you can generate all kinds of defeatist thinking. This can lead you to act out of desperation and take self-sabotaging decisions, like applying for jobs you don’t even want just to get out of the one you have now.

The best job search is one you approach from a place of power, with positive thoughts and energy guiding your way. Only then will you be able to think clearly and make the right choices for yourself.

Replace the negative (and false) beliefs below with self-empowering language and see how your perspective about your current job changes.

Once that happens, your mind’s focus will shift from hating the job you have now, to formulating all kinds of actionable ideas about what to do to actually get out of it.

~ Rui Betencourt (6 Thoughts Keeping You Tied to a Job You Hate And 6 New Thoughts to Replace Them)

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