Logic Of The Day: 24.06.2019.

Be Prepared For Tradeoffs.
A friend once told me “The grass is never greener, just different,” and it’s been one of my maxims ever since. Almost everything in life has its pros and cons, and that’s especially true when it comes to work.

Even in a job that is seemingly perfect for you, you’re sure to encounter challenges. A low salary bracket, inflexibility surrounding time off, or an unsupportive coworker are all plausible downsides to an otherwise happy and fulfilling job.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by visualizing a career change that’s all glitter, no grunt. Instead, start thinking now about disadvantages you’d be willing to accept in exchange for the significant benefits you’re sure to gain, and talk yourself through the reasons you’d be able to live with those drawbacks.

On the same note, understand that no matter how ready you are to leave your current work life behind, you’ll inevitably be giving up something when you do. It could be a great CEO, a short commute, or excellent perks.

Psychologist and social worker Kristin Meekhof says you should associate things you may have to give up with positive feelings about what you’ll gain (peace of mind, for example) to help with the emotional bartering you’ll have to do as you move through your career change.

~ Rui Betencourt (3 Things You Must Do Before You Embark on a Career Change)

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