Logic Of The Day: 21.06.2019.

Make Peace With Reality.
In their number one New York Times bestseller, Designing Your Life, Stanford alumni coauthors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans detail how anyone can apply the principles of design thinking to create their very own, customized working lives.

One of these principles is to put out of your mind what Burnett and Evans call “gravity problems.” A gravity problem is something you cannot fix (e.g., gravity) and, therefore, to which you should dedicate absolutely no time or consideration because it won’t get you anywhere.

An example of a gravity problem would be wanting to become a police officer, but not fulfilling the minimum height requirement. No matter how long you obsess over this issue, you won’t get any taller, and the chances of the requirement being relaxed for you are pretty much zero.

The sooner you make peace with this reality, the sooner you can start to consider other avenues for success.

You might not be able to become a police officer, but there are many career paths in law enforcement and several ways you can help to protect and serve your fellow citizens.

A problem like this is precisely why you shouldn’t focus on specific jobs or job titles but instead on everyday responsibilities as your metrics for success. In other words, don’t think, “I want to become a police officer,” think “I want to help in the protection and service of my community,” and go from there.

~ Rui Betencourt (3 Things You Must Do Before You Embark on a Career Change)

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