Logic Of The Day: 20.06.2019.

Let Go Of Your Expectations.
Expectations that are over-precise and set in stone (for instance, “I want to be a marketing director”) lock you into one-way thinking. Because your focus is on a single outcome, like acquiring a specific job title, your chances of getting what you want will never be greater than fifty-fifty.

If you’re stuck in a black-and-white mindset, you’ll lose tons of time trying to determine the very specific steps you’d have to take in order to get the exact result you’re after.

But a career change is about much more than a job title, and an accurate barometer of success is made up of many different components.

There are countless roads to and many versions of victory. Instead of fixating on something as intransigent as a specific title, salary, or industry, turn your attention instead to the everyday responsibilities, functions, and duties that would make you happier in your life at work.

Let go of what you want to “be” and ask yourself what you want to do. This will give you a lot more room to work with and, ultimately, many different paths from which to choose.

~ Rui Betencourt (3 Things You Must Do Before You Embark on a Career Change)

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