Logic Of The Day: 18.06.2019.

Your Empowerment Will Lead To Testing.
“Whenever You Become Empowered, You Will Be Tested.” (Caroline Myss, Author)
A tremendous rush of excitement comes over someone when they decide to dedicate their time and energy to pursuing their true passion.

However, things will get tough along the way. You may have to give up personal time to do some training or gain experience. You’ll probably be pressed during interviews about why you’re making this change now. Your family or friends may think you’re making a mistake and withhold their support. All those things are tests of your sense of empowerment.

You’ve allowed yourself to want more out of your work. That makes you different from most people, and you will meet resistance because of that.

Some of that resistance will be positive, as when hiring managers want to make sure you’re clear about what you want. Some of the resistance will just be envy and cynicism. It’s up to you to hold onto your sense of empowerment through it all.

~ Rui Betencourt (5 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Navigate a Career Change)

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