Logic Of The Day: 17.06.2019.

If You Wish For It, You Must Plan For It.
“It Takes as Much Energy to Wish as It Does to Plan.” (Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States)

You can’t just sit at a job you hate, daydreaming about a different job, and then go home to daydream some more. You actually have to do something if you want to get that different job.

Make a plan. It doesn’t have to cover your career change from A to Z; it just needs to entail some kind of action you will take in the real world. Then, once you’ve accomplished that plan, start the next one.

The key is to keep moving.

Instead of getting bogged down in endless fantasizing, be energized by the momentum you build bit by bit as you navigate through the process.

If you’ve actually done something to make your career change a reality, you’re already ahead of the curve. Most people just accept that their work is a drudge and get on with it day in, day out.

~ Rui Betencourt (5 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Navigate a Career Change)

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