Logic Of The Day: 14.06.2019.

How to Help Your Employees Thrive in Your Organization. (2)
A. Build Trust with Your Workforce.
One way to bring out the best out of a team is to provide it with the autonomy and freedom needed to do their tasks. When managers let workers micromanage themselves, they are showing them that they have faith in their work quality, trust their judgment, and believe in their abilities.

When a manager entrusts a worker with things such as customer group, project, or a task, their confidence tends to soar. That makes workers become stewards and accountable for their responsibilities.

B. Support the Fulfillment of their Dreams.
Companies often make a mistake of instilling their values and mission to workers without considering the dream and purpose that they have in life.

As such, managers need to understand things that keep their workers motivated to live a life beyond their professional ambitions. Asking workers why they resonate with the mission and values of your company will help open a dialogue about what their dreams are and how they would want to fulfill them.

Once a manager has understood the interests of their workers, the next thing is to assure them of their support.

~Kevin Gardner (How to Help Your Employees Thrive in Your Organization)

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