Logic Of The Day: 13.06.2019.

How to Help Your Employees Thrive in Your Organization. (1)
A. Create Growth Opportunities.
The idea that stagnancy is the end of a worker is no longer a secret; instead, it’s a fact since every worker wants to grow. Creating both personal and professional opportunities not only shows that an organization cares about its workers but also it is committed and focused on fostering their growth.

When a manager invests in the future of their firms as well as the future of their workers, they automatically raise the stakes for their top talent.

B. Value their Uniqueness and Ideas.
Employees always feel motivated and appreciated when the manager recognizes their individuality, especially when it comes to making things flow smoothly.  You will be thrilled to see work habits or processes that workers use at their workplace when they feel valued and respected.

Instead of criticizing a worker for producing undesired results, engage them in respectful and open dialogue to discuss hang-ups and processes and any unforeseen challenges.

Maybe you assigned a task to a staff that doesn’t match the required skills or failed to communicate the procedures. You could also be expecting quantity from a worker who only values quality. As such, managers should let their subordinates be whom they are, and allow them to work in their best ways.

~Kevin Gardner (How to Help Your Employees Thrive in Your Organization)

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