Logic Of The Day: 10.06.2019.

Stay Open And Authentic.
Millennials seek superiors who offer honest communication. Leaders can initially feel intimidated by this work style, but it’s not as daunting as it may seem. “Transparency can scare leaders, as they worry that they have to disclose all financials or cry in front of people,” says Tuff. “In reality, it’s just about human connection".

To encourage authentic communication in the workplace, Tuff advises making room for non business chatter in team meetings and staying connected with employees on social media.

Another easy way to bring more empathy into the office? Swap traditional cash bonuses for something a little more meaningful, such as concert tickets.

Open communication also helps increase employee alignment. Transparent leaders are able to maintain employees who understand the company’s mission and can effectively contribute to big-picture goals. On the flip side, transparency is also about taking the time to assess and acknowledge whether an employee is the best fit.

If a certain role isn’t working out, leaders should focus on helping the employee find an alternative that may be more aligned with where their head and heart is.

~ Sara Uzer (Mastering Millennials: 4 Foolproof Strategies for a Thriving Corporate Culture)

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