Logic Of The Day: 06.06.2019.

Timing Is Crucial To The Career You Have.
Timing has a lot to do with the career you have and so does location. At every moment in time and in every place, there are different opportunities available, we do not live and work in a vacuum.

When I transitioned from wedding photography to marketing, for example, I was living in San Francisco, there was a lot of hiring in tech, and a need for marketing people with a background in the arts and social media. Boom! I found my way to a new career.

If I had been somewhere else or decided to change careers at a different time, I would have leveraged a different set of skills and would have likely ended up doing something else.

To find out where your opportunity is, ask people in the industries and professions you are interested in joining where they think there’s a need for someone with your skills, or what they would do now to enter the field.

Once every major blog starts talking about the need for a specific profession, you are already behind: get the scoop from people on the inside, before everyone catches on, and you’ll face much less competition as you change careers.

~ Aurora Meneghello (6 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Changing Careers But Need to Anyway)

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