Logic Of The Day: 28.05.2019.

Do Your Homework.
Confirm that your dream career is really what you imagine it to be. Join professional associations and network with your future colleagues. Attend career-specific conferences.
Tap into your personal contacts and talk to family, friends and mentors to gather as much information as possible.

Learn what opportunities and challenges exist in the new career you are considering through informational interviews. If possible, shadow professionals or better yet volunteer or work part-time in the new field you are considering to get a sense of the daily grind. 

You will also want to understand future trends as well as compensation.

If after extensively researching your new career choice it still seems like the right fit for you, you can move on to examining how your current skill set translates to your future profession.

~ Caroline Castrillion  (6 Steps To A Major Career Change)

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"The Career Growth Team"


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