Logic Of The Day: 27.05.2019.

Make Sure It’s For The Right Reasons.
Start by determining whether the problem is your career or your workplace. Remember that a career change is very different from a job change.

The fact that you can’t stand your cranky micromanaging boss or your coworkers isn’t a good reason to make a major career transition.  If you used to like your job in the past but now you hate it because you have a new manager, chances are you’re not ready for a career overhaul.

Know that the grass isn’t always greener. Dig deep within yourself to understand why you crave a career transformation. 

A significant career change should be born out of a desire for things like fulfillment, happiness, freedom and flexibility among others.
Make sure you are running towards something you love and not away from something you hate.

~ Caroline Castrillion  (6 Steps To A Major Career Change)

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