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Here Is Why You Are Not Getting Promoted.
The PROBLEM: You aren’t qualified enough.
If most of the top execs have master’s degrees or know a unique coding language, something lacking in your résumé could be holding you back from a promotion.

Cenedella said that while it varies by industry and job title, holding a certification or degree could lead to more career advancement down the line.

SOLUTION:  Look into certifications or further schooling.
Leaving the workforce and going back to school can be a massive opportunity cost, and not a decision to be made lightly, according to Cenedella.

Before you make a decision, networking with leaders in your industry can help you find out whether you need a higher level degree.

“A lot of people think, ‘I should get my MBA,’ or ‘I should go to grad school,’ but they don’t always need to,” said Randy Block, an executive coach and staffing consultant.

~ Allana Akhtar (5 Habits Keeping You From Getting a Promotion — And 5 Things You Can Do Today to Change Them)

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