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Here Is Why You Are Not Getting Promoted.
The PROBLEM: There’s a difference in what the company wants versus what you want.
Another common reason employees don’t get promoted is because their interests differ from the company’s interests, Cenedella told Business Insider.
For instance, if you ask your boss what he wants, and he’d rather you fill out tax forms when you’d rather be doing a more creative project, that could be a good indicator of why you aren’t being promoted.

“Then you’ve come to a point where there’s a difference in interest in what the company wants and what you want,” he said.

SOLUTION: You need to start looking elsewhere.
If you aren’t enjoying your work anymore, you’ve reached the point where it’s time to start looking for other jobs. Cenedella does not see millennial job-hopping as a hindrance or sign of a bad employee; in fact, it’s the rational decision if you want more out of your career.

James Caan, CEO of private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw, wrote in a LinkedIn post that if you haven’t progressed in a while, the best way to move up the ladder is to move on to another company: “Allowing yourself to get stale is never a good option, and although leaving a job can be tough, it may be a necessity,” Caan said.

~ Allana Akhtar (5 Habits Keeping You From Getting a Promotion — And 5 Things You Can Do Today to Change Them)

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