Logic Of The Day: 22.05.2019.

Here is Why You Are Not Being Promoted.
THE PROBLEM: You’re misunderstanding the company culture.
If you’re wearing T-shirts during client meetings, chances are you aren’t getting promoted because of cultural missteps.

Though dressing the part does not have a big impact if you work at a technology company, some companies take people who dress up or show up early as more serious contenders for a promotion, Cenedella said.

SOLUTION: Learn what the company values, and start immersing yourself in the culture.
Aside from coming in earlier or wearing slacks, becoming more involved with your company through relationship-building can help get you a promotion, workplace strategist Erica Keswin told Business Insider.

You could start by joining employee resource groups for women or minorities to get more involved and meet more people. Helping shape the company culture can help you “broaden your reach within an organization,” ultimately leading to a promotion, Keswin said.

~ Allana Akhtar (5 Habits Keeping You From Getting a Promotion — And 5 Things You Can Do Today to Change Them)

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