Logic Of The Day: 16.05.2019.

Make A List Of Your Strengths And Interests.
To help you decide and gauge your true strengths and potential, it’s important that you put all of your interests and traits on a piece of paper.

Noting down the things you’re good at along with things that make you happy while at the same time noting potential weaknesses and cons can help you obtain a bird’s-eye overview of your current situation, and assess the long-term viability of a career path.

Keep in mind that just because an industry shows promise and growth doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for you in the long run, as there are numerous personal and professional factors you will have to take into account.

For example, some industries will require of you to constantly learn and grow your knowledge base in order to keep up with the times. You will need to assess whether or not you want to dedicate your future to your career, or if you would rather have a stable job while devoting the majority of your time to family, friends, and hobbies.

~ Mia Taylor (5 Tips to Discover Your Ideal Career Path)

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