Logic Of The Day: 15.05.2019.

Overcoming Your Obstacles.
What’s sad is: there are 50x the number of people that come to me that need clarity in their lives, but don’t know that they can change.

You don’t have to accept status quo or just ‘deal with it’ to make a paycheck. No one said that change was easy. Most things worthwhile in life are usually uphill.

Unhappiness is not knowing what you want and killing yourself to get it.

There’s another significant portion of people that don’t believe they can succeed, so they don’t bother to plan.

People rarely outperform their own self-image. If you don’t believe in you – you won’t invest in your growth. Why would you had to the keys of your life over to someone you don’t believe can drive?

It’s time to give you a license to drive your own bus.

~ Erin Urban (Why We Don’t Plan Our Career Growth and What to Do About It)

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