Logic Of The Day: 14.05.2019.

Success is not Automatic.
Success is not automatic and it’s not guaranteed to come with time, hard work or status.

Without a plan to achieve, it’s highly unlikely that you will (a) get the success you want or (b) enjoy how your career evolves in the long run.

Most of my Career Clarity clients come to me because they stepped through whatever door that opened. One day, they wake up and realize that they aren’t where they wanted to be. Others are concerned about their future. Most aren’t sure what to do or even where to start.

Maybe you are early in your career and you thought your degree would get you a job. It’s a pity degrees don’t come with money-back guarantees.

Unfortunately, a degree doesn’t mean what it used to and there are no guarantees. The only guarantee you have is that no development happens in absence of a goal and no goal is achieved without a plan.

~ Erin Urban (Why We Don’t Plan Our Career Growth and What to Do About It)

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