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What Are Interpersonal Skills & Why Do They Matter.
Interpersonal skills can be defined as character traits, personal attributes, and other non-technical abilities that help you work and communicate with other people. So, it’s easy to see why a potential employer would want a job candidate to display some of these skills.

While hard skills are a must-include on any resume, you shouldn’t add them at the sacrifice of the interpersonal skills that deftly pull the threads together to achieve those hard-hitting outcomes.

It’s as much about the back-story, replete with the how and why you performed the way you did and the intricate relationship weaving, influencing, analyzing, listening, innovating, change driving, negotiating and global communications, as it is about the result. These details help an employer see how you’re able to get the outcomes you’ve achieved.

What’s more, a huge part of the hiring process is trying to figure out if you’ll fit into the company—both it’s company culture and with your new coworkers.

An employer wants to know that you’ll be able to collaborate—taking unified lockstep to realize one person’s plan or goal. Collaborating means hearing people out, melding different ideas together, and building toward a shared objective—and these things all come from interpersonal skills.

~ Glassdoor (How to Develop Interpersonal Skills)

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